Swimming in the rain

My Human (MH) put on her It’s-Really-Cold-Outside-Jacket,  red gum boots aaand gloves for our walk today. Don’t know why - it was really lovely outside all misty and sloshy underpaw. She also seemed really surprised that I went for my customary swim in the river.

Made Marian Dog Blog

Cold Rain

Where I was born, rain came with banging noise, bright flashing lights and big drops. Here, at the beginning of June, with the brown leaves flying on the road and the morning Wandel a bit dark and cold but always lovely, the Cape Steady Rain came.

The Invisible Dog

My Human’s (MH) Art Teacher Rick has a Grandbeagle. He was telling MH that this beagle of his daughter’s has a special talent – this beagie pulls his blanket right over his head when he’s tired and goes to sleep. What the Art Human doesn’t know

Cat Chat

My Human (MH) says that Bloomy the cat thinks she’s a dog. I don’t know why she would say that. Bloomy doesn’t like to go for a walk. Bloomy isn’t interested in the evening  Barking Choir. Or bones. Or rides-in-the-car. Bloomy does however like my dim brother

Hottest Spot

On Tuesday last week, My Human (MH) read online that the temperature of 42 degrees in the Cape is the hottest recorded in 100 years. And it was the very same day that wild fires raged in the Peninsula and even over the Berg near

The Village Vet

  My Human (MH) said it was just a matter of time before we got to meet the Nice Vet.   MH says if anyone is going to get a hurt, it’ll be me. It’s called being Prone to Accidents.  The freak accident thing happened yesterday like this.

The Beach

My Human (MH) says that Ratty from Wind in the Willows had it all wrong.   When he said: “If you believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as - simply messing around in boats!” he clearly had never

Wild Things

My Human (MH) says that you can tell how hot it is by the length of a cat. Well Bloomy, MH’s Grandcat, has been stretched out reeeally long - with her toes as far from her tail as felinely possible. She’s snoring gently on the tiles

The Ride

My Human (MH) says that dogs are such lovely people. Maybe it had something to do with The Ride.  At the end of November, when the morning was still dark, we found little pieces of biltong when we squeezed into the back of MH’s fully packed