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Cold Rain

Where I was born, rain came with banging noise, bright flashing lights and big drops.

Here, at the beginning of June, with the brown leaves flying on the road and the morning Wandel a bit dark and cold but always lovely, the Cape Steady Rain came. My Human (MH) was sooo happy to start her Rain Book for Sherwood and visited the Rain Measuring Gauge lots to count up how much rain had fallen on the grass in the new garden.

MH was excited when the Measuring Gauge said 10mm and then after a long day inside watching the rain sheets outside, the Gauge said 60mm! And she was even more excited.

When the world woke up the next day crisp and clear with sunshine, the Wandel next to the River was a bit different from normal. Sarah’s Boat was higher up the bank and there were islands of reeds floating down. By the Afternoon Walk, the water was OVER the path we’d trod earlier in the day and Sarah’s boat had broken away from the jetty and escaped, hoping to get to the lagoon and perhaps out to sea. (We heard later that a Kind Villager had brought Sarah’s fugitive boat home and chained it up against the rushing water.)

The busy Egrets and Drongos and Herons and many many other visiting birds took advantage of the river having flushed tasty gogos and probably rats and snakes. The Burst River was alive with flapping wings. So interesting for a Beagle and MH.
(My Dim Brother Baxter probably didn’t notice.)

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