Everyone smiles in the same language

So My Human (MH) and I have the best game ever. This is how you play…

1. MH carefully makes her bed every morning, shaking out the sheets and smoothing the duvet and blankets neatly.
2. We go through to the kitchen where Hungry Cat and Dim Brother Baxie are already hopping about, waiting for our breakfast.
3. I eat at a leisurely pace and then go outside for a loud bark (barroooooo) at the neighbours.
4. When my paws are wet and gritty with morning dew and damp sand, I sneak through to the bedroom and burrow deep into the neatly made bed, under the covers.
5. Then I wait.
6. The game almost ends when MH comes in and huffs and puffs to find me there.
7. Time for a new game when I smile disarmingly at her cross face and she laughs, sighs and re-makes the bed.
She calls it ‘Impossible Beagle’.

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