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I am Beagle – barooooooooo

My Human (MH) is spending many hours these days in her studio painting, painting. She left really early one morning, even before our walk on the “Pad” by the river, and has been an unresponsive Human ever since.

MH keeps on pouring over her laptop brightness with lots of pictures taken at sunrise of the Big Cats from PantheraAfrica – a place we go to sometimes in the car on a bumpy road, not far from Stanford. We always wait in the car (something about the Big Cats liking Beagles for breakfast) while MH takes her Art Cards into the PantheraAfrica shop for people to buy.

There’s one way to make the Human notice me. It takes a few easy steps, culminating in my famous Barooooo.

If I see the Neighbour and her Dog, I take aim at the fence and go hurtling towards it, knocking down all MH’s new plants en route to let them know this is my patch. Woofing is for wimps like my Dim Brother Baxie. My bark is a #Barooooo-of-note. Call it the Social Media of Beagles. A Bonnie Barooooo can be heard echoing across the Village. It messages a whole newsletter of issues to the neighbourhood … and in no time, the message is re-woofed to the dog next door and the one down the road and before you know it, the Village Barking Choir is in full voice. Just bliss.

And best of all, MH puts down her paintbrush, laces her walking shoes and takes us to read the Village Smells on the Wandelpad.

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