More than meets the eye

My Dim Brother Baxter (MDBB) never ceases to surprise.

Always last in line, Baxter will even step aside if Bloomy-the-Cat wants to try his food! Your classic runt of the litter, MDBB follows where I lead and never lets My Human (MH) out of his love-sick sights, not even for a minute. Such a baby!

So imagine my surprise on the Wandelpad yesterday evening when Baxie came to the rescue of Molly, a pretty young tawny brown Rescue who probably has some collie dog in her family kennel. MH was, as always, chatting chatting with the other dog-owning Humans at the flowering gum.

All of a sudden Mike’s Jengy (who is normally quite a decent dog) went for Molly who howled in fear at  Jenjy’s snarly teeth.

Who rushed to her rescue but Baxie – yes, My Dim Brother Baxter!

With the Humans watching in disbelief, he chased Jengy clear off the ‘Pad and rushed back to see whether his Mollydog was OK. There was much laughter as the pack dispersed with their Humans, as the night slowly started to hug the sleepy Village.

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  • Lisa

    Nov 28, 2016 at 6:18 pm Reply

    Aww Baxie – such a brave pooch!

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