Painting Pet Portraits

So My Human (MH) set up her easel in the studio and dusted off the acrylics to paint a picture of me! Bonnie the Barker – aka The Village Newshound – now immortalized and given to the Chief of my Fan Club.

MH’s normal style is more formal in her preferred watercolours – but she seems to enjoy the freedom of acrylics which she says are lot more forgiving than watercolour. Have NO idea what that means – all I know is that instead of sitting quietly at her desk painting, she was walking up and down, back and forth in front the easel, tut tut tutting.

How IS a Beagle supposed to get any sleep with all the pacing!

(If you’d like your favourite hound painted to order, don’t hesitate to contact her.)

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  • Vivienne

    Feb 23, 2017 at 10:22 pm Reply

    I think Bonnie would look beautiful in oils, acrylic or water colors – as long as Marian was wielding the brush!

    Gorgeous paintings M – soulful and loving – they speak volumes.

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