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Life is good

Who knew 2020 would be the best year of a dog’s life! The Humans stayed Home every day and every evening!  It was WONDERFUL. Especially for my dim brother Baxter who is a real Mummy’s Boy and is now totally out of howling practice (pitiful

Be Cool Bax

My Human (MH) dresses Baxter funny. And dim brother Baxie is so

Whatever blows your ears back

For My Human (MH) it’s coffee – lots of it. Especially when she has one of her paintings happening in the studio. For me it’s got to be: Food (especially chicken bones left for us by the Village builders to vacuum) and Barking (baroooo) at nothing

Painting Pet Portraits

So My Human (MH) set up her easel in the studio and dusted off the acrylics to paint a picture of me! Bonnie the Barker – aka The Village Newshound – now immortalized and given to the Chief of my Fan Club. MH’s normal style is