The Beach

My Human (MH) says that Ratty from Wind in the Willows had it all wrong.


When he said: “If you believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as – simply messing around in boats!” he clearly had never been to the Beach.


The Beach makes you feel utter joy and total abandon.


The Beach is where even grumpy dogs put on their happy faces.


The Beach can even give a dog courage.


I’ll explain….My dim brother beagle Baxter is not top dog in our house. In fact, he’s bottom dog. No hang on: he sits even lower on the Pet Seniority Scale  than Bloomy-the-Cat. If Bloom chooses to eat Baxter’s dinner, he steps aside and waits (drooling) for her to finish or until MH takes the cat Somewhere Else.


But on the Beach, Baxter is a cheeky mutt. He chases me full tilt and, like a good rugby player, grabs my ankles when I’m at full stretch to send me tail-over-kettle. I could swear he laughs. He wouldn’t dare try that at home.IMG-20150121-WA0005_resized_1

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