The Invisible Dog

My Human’s (MH) Art Teacher Rick has a Grandbeagle. He was telling MH that this beagle of his daughter’s has a special talent – this beagie pulls his blanket right over his head when he’s tired and goes to sleep.

What the Art Human doesn’t know is that I’ve been doing exactly that for years! It’s a beagle thing. We do it so that we become invisible and get left in peace to sleep. Like when MH goes for her shower in the morning, she has no clue that I’ve crept under HER covers for a quiet nap away from Baxter (dim brother beagle) and Bloomy-the-cat who just love being busy/noisy in the mornings.

And because I’m invisible, she says “What a surprise Bonnie!!!” when she finds me toasty warm and soft, blinking at the sudden light. Then comes “OFF” and tut tut tut as she mutters things about stubborn beagles and my having a perfectly good bed of my own.  Invisible dog



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