The Village Vet


My Human (MH) said it was just a matter of time before we got to meet the Nice Vet.


MH says if anyone is going to get a hurt, it’ll be me. It’s called being Prone to Accidents.  The freak accident thing happened yesterday like this. Hopping into the car after visiting Oscar at Coffee Corner, my middle claw on the left side ripped clean out of its socket on the rail which slides the front seat forward.

Sho. It was such a shock and was so painful, I have to admit to crying like a puppy. And there was blood.

The Vet Lady was very kind and had excellent tasty-treats.

The neighbour’s big brown ridgeback (Old Felix) with grey around his eyes simply couldn’t get up last week and the Nice Vet came around to the house with a bag of stuff to make Felix sleep forever. Everyone says he looked soo peaceful in that forever-sleep, after having had lots of pain all over. It was from being with the neighbours for such a long time. It’s called having a Good Innings.

So as nice as the Lady Vet is, am not sure I want her to make a house-call with that sleep bag.

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  • Amy

    Feb 16, 2015 at 8:10 am Reply

    Bonnie Beagle, you certainly are accident-prone, It is just as well that there are nice-vets-with-tasty-treats in the village, unlike scary (expensive) vets in the big city.

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