Wild Things

My Human (MH) says that you can tell how hot it is by the length of a cat.

Well Bloomy, MH’s Grandcat, has been stretched out reeeally long – with her toes as far from her tail as felinely possible. She’s snoring gently on the tiles on the patio where the shade is the deepest and where the breeze  catches your fur a bit.

I like it hot. It makes taking dips in the river even nicer. And interesting things come out when it’s hot.

Like the Angulate Tortoise baby I found in the fynbos this morning. About the size of a breadroll, it fitted really neatly in my soft mouth and MH had fun chasing me around the garden because it seems she also wanted a turn to carry the tortoise.

Funny that.

She disappeared with it for a while to make it safe from beagle mouths and I haven’t seen it since.

Game viewing here is excellent. Those Hadeda birds are here, just like in the city. And so many other kinds of birds too. We watch the Blue Cranes fly in a “V” in the mornings – crrraaaak crrrraaak up the river. And then the “V” goes the other way down the river in the evenings, crrraaaak crraaak.

Moles, striped mice and crabs we’ve seen. And we’ve heard there are porcupines and snakes too. MH doesn’t seem keen to look for these.

So far, so much fun in this Village.



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  • Shonelle

    Feb 16, 2015 at 12:22 pm Reply

    Lol! MH you also wanted a chance to carry the little fella! “Funny that” lol!

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