Whatever blows your ears back

For My Human (MH) it’s coffee – lots of it. Especially when she has one of her paintings happening in the studio.

For me it’s got to be:

  1. Food (especially chicken bones left for us by the Village builders to vacuum) and
  2. Barking (baroooo) at nothing and
  3. Running free on the Wandelpad.

It’s this running free business that really makes my joyful-ometer max out. Dim Brother Baxter can chase me for all his beagleworth but can’t catch me. Or if he (almost) does, I can delicately dodge him at the very last second and leave him looking silly and panting in my tail wind.

When the Humans meet on the path, we four-footeds can count on at LEAST 15 minutes of Village Views and Very Interesting Things about friends and neighbours being explored.

These Daily General Meetings give us licence to be WILD.

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