soppy bax Made marian a dog's eye view

Puppy love

Dim Brother Baxter has to be the soppiest dog in the Village.

If you want to know where Baxter is, look for My Human (MH). I’ve seen him. He’ll follow her outside to the washing line and pretend he’s on other business. The minute she’s back inside, there he is again. Within eyeshot always. If he wore a Fitbit, his would sync perfectly with MH’s one. Every step. What a woes!

Maybe he is a Beagle/Sheep cross?

I mean REAL Beagles like me are totally self-sufficient. In charge and always in control. Survivors of note.

Now where is MH. I need supper.

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  • Suzie Strydom

    Mar 22, 2018 at 7:44 pm Reply

    Don’t blame Baxter – if I had a MH like that I’d also never let her out of sight.
    Suzie – Parkview’s cleverest/cutest/most lovable Yorkie

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