Be Cool Bax

My Human (MH) dresses Baxter funny. And dim brother Baxie is so… compliant!

He just sits there waiting, as still as a mouse, to get a new headdress or bandanna. And poses obligingly for photos to be taken, patiently watching for the laughter to die down.

I think he likes the attention.

Not me! I am far too dignified to play this dress-up game and have other ways and means of getting noticed.

If I really throw my head back and BAROOOOO to the sky, MH is sure to sigh, put her paintbrush down and come outside to see what my (b)eagle eyes and keen ears have picked up in the neighbourhood.

Bonnie you are barking at Nothing, she says, huffing back to the studio. I wish Nothing would come closer so I could really scare him out of his socks with my impressive Beagle Bark.

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