Swimming in the rain

My Human (MH) put on her It’s-Really-Cold-Outside-Jacket,  red gum boots aaand gloves for our walk today. Don’t know why – it was really lovely outside all misty and sloshy underpaw. She also seemed really surprised that I went for my customary swim in the river. The moving river was full of sounds and exciting reed-beds floating by and we were getting wet in the rain anyway.

The best thing about these really-cold-outside days, is that after a walk with my beagle-coat smelling like wet dog, MH is sure to do one of those brisk rub-down  things with a crispy dry towel.  And then she’ll get me to sit on Bloomy’s soft bed while she uses the loud warm fur-dryer all over.

And then to sleep, upside down in front of the fire.

What more could a beagle ask for.

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